Samples of Client-Specific Tools
Developed by Invicis

Streamflow Data Processing

Streamdat Screenshot

Invicis has developed a data processing software utility that accepts raw gauge data from streamflow monitoring stations and generates HTML reports. Report data includes:

  • Graphical Rating Curves
  • Peak Streamflow event profiles vs. time
  • Hourly and daily streamflow statistics
  • Hourly and daily water temperature statistics

This software has allowed our client to reduce weeks of streamflow data processing time down to just a few minutes.

Residential Security Monitoring

HomeKnow Screenshot - Monitoring Page

A property management company wanted to be able to monitor in real time the events occurring at their properties. Invicis developed a program allowing security hardware installed at the properties to be monitored and controlled via the internet.

This has allowed the management company to turn on the heat prior to guests arrival, open and close doors, monitor the status of the house, and to turn off the home's water supply in the event of a frozen pipe or other adverse water event. All vehicle driveway activity is recorded and driveway notifications can be sent to the management personnel.

MP3 Shot Clock for Firearms Training

Example of Using Bullet Tones at the Range

The student hears the tones (shot prompts) through the ear protection headset. The tones are played by an standard MP3 player clipped on his belt.

In certain advanced firearms training drills, a specific number of shots must be fired at targets within a given interval of time. The client wanted the ability to generate MP3 files that contained audible prompts so the student could maintain the proper cadence through the drills.

Invicis developed a program that allows the client to generate MP3 files for an arbitrary combination of drill durations and shot counts with audible prompts spaced appropriately for the number of individual targets and shots required per target.

Click on the video to the right to see how an MP3 file ("Bullet Tone" file) generated by this program works during training.


Ongoing Projects

Invicis is currently developing other programs to help companies become more efficient, flexible, or deliver unique capabilities to their customers. Contact Invicis today to discuss your specific needs.