Business Development

Helping at Each Stage of Development

Growth GraphicAs a company grows and matures, gathering outside insights periodically can both accelerate growth revenue while, at the same time, minimize the typical 'growing pains' experienced as a company moves to the next level.

  • Early Phase: Developing and executing the first stages of a company lay the foundation for the years to come. Invicis helps to ensure your business plan is complete, realistic, and credible. As startup operations continue, the business plan becomes the guidebook for growth and decision making. Although the plan may change as reality comes to pass, having an ongoing plan is critical!
  • Transitional Phase: As growth accelerates, a feeling that control has been lost is common. Invicis can help through the early application of proven supply chain  enhancement techniques and identification of bottlenecks in the operation. From enhanced reporting capabilities, to the adoption of entry-level ERP systems, Invicis can help you choose the tools that can help your company advance to the next level.
  • Maturation: Growth cannot continue forever. At your goal, the company begins to achieve the earnings and smooth operations you envisioned. To help establish stability, Invicis can help you develop employee job descriptions, process flow documentation, and contingency plans to help bridge any unexpected interruptions in your company's operations.
  • Placement / Positioning Phase: A well prepared entrepreneur starts with an exit strategy. Perhaps it is to take the company public? Perhaps a private placement? Or it may be the long-term positioning of the company as a key player in their chosen marketplace. Invicis can help establish your company's position in the market to achieve your personal financial goals through the long term.

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